With an obvious homage to the opening of cult ad-movie Putney Swope, and ad-ideas that poke at Cirque du Soleil, HBO, and possibly Heineken, Robert Downey Jr swaggers into this HTC universe like a dose of iron medicine - here to make everyone lust for HTC.

Robert Downey Sr is probably laughing his head off that his opening scene in Putney Swope is now an actual ad, meanwhile Robert Downey Sr pulls out backronyms like "Hipster Troll Carwash", "Hot Tea Catapult" and "Hold This Cat" with perfection. This sort of talent costs MONEY people, and HTC has made sure that everyone knows about it. Every single person who peeked at HTC sites prior received an email two days ago giving a sneak-peak of the ad. The Next Web published a leak shot off the TV screen, and everyone plus their aunt are now talking abut it. It's been reported that this campaign has a $1 billion budget, where not one red cent went to this website (just a full disclosure, people), so expect to see countless variants of Robert Downey Jr making up bizarre scenarios to fit the three letters for a long time to come. I'm hoping this lasts forever.

HTC, it can be everything you want it to be. I want it to be MINE! C'mon HTC One, please magically appear in my purse! Oh, one has to be as suave as Robert Downey Jr to make that happen. Tssk. How Terribly Cruel.

Client: HTC Agency: 171 Worldwide

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