This 2400 frame cel animation explores the history of videos that bills itself as an experience. Watching TV has become an experience, just like advertising has become an experience. I usually don't like nouns being used as verbs, but there's something about "Come TV with us," that just works. Unlike a regular TV commercial, Hulu tries hard to make it seem like watching a commercial is a reward, as in, you could sit through a few breaks or watch the one longer ad. Although i still call B.S. on anyone wanting to watch ads. They are interruptions. Of particular note: The music, sound design mix and voice was done by Keith Ruggiero, who we profiled earlier this year in an Adchat.

Director: Justin Harder Executive Producer: Matthew Marquis Producer: Kevin Gallagher Design: Justin Harder, Stephen Kelleher Animation: Song Kim, Matt Everton, Justin Harder, Thomas Smolenski , Andrew Embury, Ashley Becerra Audio: Sounds Red Music, Sound Design, Mix and Voice by: Keith Ruggiero Hulu Advertising Video Producer: Michael Graham