In "The Chase" we find a couple running for their lives in the deep woods, because BEARS! * Discreetly crosses "bears" off on Super Bowl ad bingo card*

Fear not, this guy has a car that starts by talking, so that's a pretty neat feature shown off in this ad. And suddenly the ad goes from horror flick to pure comedy as the bears discuss what just happened. Not bad, I hope they have a 45 second edit somewhere as this might have been funnier if there scary bit was a little lengthier.

Hyundai “The Chase” Agency: INNOCEAN Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Editorial Company: Arcade VFX/Post Production: Timber Managing Partner/EP - Damian Stevens Creative Director’s / Partners - Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo Producer: Lauren Loftus Lead Flame Artist: Chris DeCristo Flame Artist: Brian Shneider Flame Assist: Jason Giamara CG Supervisor: Casey Benn Lighting Lead: Michael Shelton Animator: Kevin Ferrara Digital Effects Supervisor: Nick Hiegel Compositor: Daniel Raschko Compositor: Michael Loney Compositor: Mark Robben Compositor: Brian Sales Designer: Dan Blank