"Remember when only dad could save the day?" Frankly, no. And I think there will be a knee-jerk reaction to that line from a lot of people. But that's the fault of the line, not the concept. The line is trying to be cutesy. It should have been written in a smarter and more insightful way instead. Same with the music choice which puts me to sleep from the minute the bells start playing.

But parental issues, weak lines and boring music aside aside, I still like this concept.

For once, a grown man with enough money to purchase a car is not portrayed as some stupid moron who couldn't be left alone to parent his kid without having to dial 911 to change a diaper. For once, Dad isn't some schlub who gets left out in the cold while the rest of his hip family gets all the glory. (How is it such schlub dads are able to sire hip children and marry cool wives, anyway?)
For once, dad isn't the butt of everyone's joke but comes across as an actual parent.

That's not to say this is a Super Bowl worthy spot. When this execution is not being innocuous it's downright cliché. The old "took my eyes off the road to check out the hot girl," ending? Really?

At least they got the dad right for once.

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