Oh so the guy is driving but also trying to skip the ad. Luckily he stops in time to avoid hitting people. Love the premise of trying to skip a pre-roll but not the premise of almost hitting people.

As a pre-roll spot, this is very apt. Elantra’s auto emergency breaking makes his car stops just in time.

Client: Hyundai Agency: INNOCEAN CCO: Eric Springer GCD: Barney Goldberg CD: Jamin Duncan, Marcin Markiewicz ACD AD: Charles Gerstner CW: Kate Steinberg, Jeff Barry DIRECTOR OF INTEGRATED PRODUCTION: Carol Lombard PRODUCER: Brad Johnson HEAD OF ACCOUNT SERVICES: Marisstella Marinkovic GROUP ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Nicole Timerson VP, ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Lester Perry ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR: Allison Morrissey SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE: Tanner Ham MEDIA: James Zayti HEAD OF STRATEGY: Frank Striefler VP, PLANNING DIRECTOR: Kathleen Kindle PM: Jamie Fink BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Ann Davis, Jade McAdams CLIENT: Hyundai CMO: Dean Evans SR. MANAGER ADVERTISING: Monique Kumpis SR. MANAGER ADVERTISING COLLATERAL: Woojong Kim

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