Working via Innocean Worldwide, Director Brett Morgen of Anonymous Content created seven customer-driven spots for Hyundai's new Uncensored campaign. The spots feature everyday people at Hyundai Ride-n-Drive Events being recorded by a hidden camera while they test drive the cars. Sonata opens with Jeff Bridges stating that while brands are losing value, Hyundai is gaining value. This is followed by a sequence of the drivers marveling at Hyundai's low monthly lease prices. In Ouch, the drivers are again being recorded while they take different Hyundai models out for a spin, candidly stating in different ways that their current cars just can't compare to a Hyundai. In Talking, the drivers espouse how "sweet" the Hyundai vehicles are while questioning the decision to buy their own current vehicle. The spot ends with Bridges warmly inviting the viewer to come to the local dealership to give their own opinion.

Client: Hyundai Air Date: July 2010 Agency: Innocean Worldwide CD: Ed Miller Senior AD: Andrew Reizuch AD: Joe Reynoso Copywriter(s): Molly McLaughlin, Christian Sternal ACD(s): Shawn Wood, Tyson Brown EP: Will Woollett Producer: Phillip Lopez Prod Company: Anonymous Content Director: Brett Morgen EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison Head of Production: SueEllen Clair Producer: Alex Fisch Production Supervisor: Kevan Dirinpour Editorial: Rock, Paper, Scissors Editor: David Brodie EP: Cassie Hulen Producer: Cristina Matracia Telecine: Company 3 Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld, Mike Pethel

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  • LeslieBAP's picture

    I wanna see the "talent" releases. If they were buried in some sort of paperwork to take the test drive, then there is a question of the validity of the releases...

    Jul 21, 2010