I've watched this ad several times now before posting and I'm still not sure why Hyundai and its advertising agency has such utter contempt for their target audience. How else would you explain a spot which paints a car buyer as being so incredibly simple-minded that they'd rattle off a list of features and then start screaming with excitement like a contestant on the Price Is Right? I honestly don't know. But it is quite interesting to get a portrait of just what Hyundai thinks of its customers. I can just see the brief now.

Who are we talking to?
Idiots. We're talking to idiots. Their IQ is equal to a can of Diet Coke. Their hobbies include watching TV, watching game shows, and watching more TV. Their favorite show of all time is Three and a Half Men: when Charlie Sheen was on it. Actually, they never realized Charlie Sheen left the show. They get excited about any old thing. Honestly, you should watch the focus groups. We're planning on putting them on youtube next month under the title "Dumbest focus group ever." This is your audience. Treat them like seals at Sea World, except without the intelligence.

Client: Hyundai - Central Region Hyundai Dealers Advertising Agency: INNOCEAN USA VP, Group Creative Director: Miles Turpin Creative Directors: Lon Davis, Skip Tramontana Art Director: Vanessa Volonte Copywriter: Marvin Figueroa Executive Producer HDAA: Jennifer Pearse Senior Producer: Melanie C. McKinnell Production Company: Cap Gun Collective Director: Matt Miller Director of Photography: Eric Haase Executive Producers: Matt Abramson, Jason Botkin Head of Production: Marisol Herold Line Producer: Gabrielle Yuro Post-Production Company: Orange Editorial Editor: Brad Wetmore Post Producer: Chanel Boyd