This ad comes loaded with features. Like Everyday Mom™ rattling off a hundreds of features, because regular people say phrases like "Lane departure warning," and "hands-free smart trunk," all the time. It also comes fully-equipped with a hapless but friendly car dealer who is also there to be of service, instead of what we know to be true: the guy's a bastard who will do whatever it takes to get you into that car including sell his grandmother. You know what also comes standard in this commercial? The "I'm so bowled over by the list of features in this otherwise pedestrian car, I'm going to do something over-the-top," moment. In this case an almost-swear. Oh and last but not least it also comes with a button in the rear. Because even though it's a 2015 Sonata, this spot is stuck in the 90's.
This, friends, is why people hate automobile advertising.

Client: Hyundai - Central Region Hyundai Dealers Advertising Agency: INNOCEAN USA VP, Group Creative Director: Miles Turpin Creative Directors: Lon Davis, Skip Tramontana Art Director: Vanessa Volonte Copywriter: Marvin Figueroa Executive Producer HDAA: Jennifer Pearse Senior Producer: Melanie C. McKinnell Production Company: Cap Gun Collective Director: Matt Miller Director of Photography: Eric Haase Executive Producers: Matt Abramson, Jason Botkin Head of Production: Marisol Herold Line Producer: Gabrielle Yuro Post-Production Company: Orange Editorial Editor: Brad Wetmore Post Producer: Chanel Boyd