Heartwarming spot in which a grandad gives his eldest grandson the most important gift of all-- freedom to make his own memories via travel.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Madrid, Spain Anunciante: Iberia Airlines
General Creative Director: Paulo Areas Creative Director: Pablo Cachón
Creatives: Pouline Atencio, Federico Moreno, Felipe Braz Costa, Olimpia Muñoz
Client Service Director: José Luis Salazar
Account Director: Jaime Aróstegui
Account Executive: Carla Añón
Producer: Javier Bores
Head of Marketing Communications, Brand and Sponsorship: Gemma Juncá
Marketing Coordinator: Sophie Deslandes, Elena Valero
Production Company: Antiestático
Director: Juana Macías
Director of photography: Juana Jiménez


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