Rogers Fans: Helloooo!

Roger: Hiya.

Fan #1: Oooh, what«s in this bag?

Roger: That«s Billy«s Pizza. As in pizza from Billy«s.

Fan #2: What about these cute little jars?

Roger: That«s just regular creme fraiche.

Fan #3 : You really know everything...

Roger: Well, yeah, I've worked here a while youknow.

Fan #2: How about that, what is that?

Roger: That«s light-yoggi (yogurt)

Fan #2: Really? Why is it called that? Does it weigh less than regular yogurt?

Roger: Hmm.. that was a good question. .. Stig.. about this light-yoggi... *walks off*

Fan #2: He«s really gorgeous.

Fan #1: Yeah, but a little stupid.

Fan #2: You're not kidding.

agency : King, Stockholm

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