ICA - ICA own brand since 1922 - (2013) :30 (Sweden)


ICA - ICA own brand since 1922 - (2013) :30 (Sweden)

ICA spoofs the previous advertising style through the eras. First they sell coffee in the 20s that'll "even give a Swede energy/rythm", then they show Swedish soldiers during the war happily eating out of their 10 kronor lunchbox. In the 50s a housewife's job is made easier if she has ICA minced meat on hand. In the 1970s, with the typical slightly ill colors and slow VO inform us "it's called OLIVE oil. It is tasty on salad", as she introduces the exotic fare to Sweden. It's not because the actor has downs syndrome that she speaks so slowly, they did that to everyone in the 70s.

Yes, Sweden was pretty much like that through these ages. The 70s bit had me howling with laughter. Please, someone give the ADs and production crew medals for this execution as I'm sure they were all having flashbacks to traumatic childhoods.


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