You should be familiar with the ICA campaign by now. Stig here is the owner of the local ICA, and in this particular ad he is hell-bent on explaining the phenomena of Midsommar (midsummer with wonky Swedish spelling) to our friends and neighbors. That's why he's doing it in what I presume is terrible Arabic.

"At midsummer, the Swede will eat outside. No matter what the weather is like" this is true, and more often than not, it's raining. Still we got all these funky paper plates so we are eating outside goshdarnit.
Stig continues: "Lots of people will nap at the table" - translation, we get hammered.
"Then everyone dances 'Little frogs'" -- bonus Ikea translated this crazy song to German in an ad once.
And last but not least: "Don't be surprised if you wake up at the neighbors". It happens.

He ends with wishing us a happy midsummer in both Swedish and arabic. And that concludes ICA-Stigs midsummer-school for today. There are others variants, with languages like Chinese and Polish, but since they are dubbed we're only posting the Arabic one where our favorite ICA actor is doing his best to attempt to speak it. How is he doing?

Ad agency: KING