The never-ending soap opera of what goes in at the local ICA store takes a sexy turn as Ulf seems to have spent his entire vacation working out and oiling up his skin. It begins when Cindy asks her co-workers what they've done on their vacations. Jerry, the downs syndrome trainee has "hung out", and the other guy doesn't answer as suddenly new and improved Ulf makes his entrance. With visual homage to the 2002 Satisfaction video by Benny Benassi as Ulf drills a hole in the floor in slow motion, the ad successfully mocks every aspect of sexism in advertising by turning it all on its head. Or ass.

A recent ad with Cindy has been reported and fined by the Advertising Ombusman for sexism, and one wonders if they did this just to see who might report this ad. The banned ad had Cindy disregarding orders and driving a forktruck into the store by accident. The implication being that women can't handle technical/mechanical equipment, and thus the ad reenforces gender stereotypes. Does this one as well? Ulf seems to be an expert at jackhammering.

advertising agency: King

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