What's with the deserted supermarket? Is this 28 days later? Armageddon? A Zombie attack? No, it's the season of surströmming that is upon us. For those not acquainted with this Swedish delicacy that Stephen Fry once described with: "Allegedly it can cause birds to fall dead from the sky, and it is banned by airlines, but it is quite good on toast", I can confirm that it stinks to high heaven. And it is quite good on toast. The fermented herring is eaten in the fall, and people in northern part of Sweden take this stuff so seriously that "The academy of surströmming" has complained against this ad for announcing the wrong date of the surströmming premiere. "Everyone knows that the premiere is the third Thursday in August, it's cultural illiteracy to say it's on Saturday" . You tell'em!

Ad agency: KING

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