ihop - Self-Healing (2009) :15 (USA)


ihop - Self-Healing (2009) :15 (USA)



I like that. Ihop isn't trying to sell me greed or envy or softcore porn or gratuitous violence, they're just telling a story about magical pancakes. And I like Ihop. They serve great food there. It's companies like this that will get my business, not the ones who rely on sin to sell their products.

Well, hell, I guess all of the cigarette companies, booze companies, and everyone else that has a product based on human reproduction and mores, will have to put up with you not buying from them. (That includes car companies, clothing companies, perfume companies, drug companies, food companies, soft-drink companies, etc., etc....). :-)

An isn't that stack of pancakes sensuous?? sexy?? :-)

I never said I have a problem with booze or guns or any of those things. A cigarette or a bottle of vodka isn't in itself bad, it's just an object. What I don't like is when in advertising people show sadists in the throws of orgasm when they have something other people don't, especially if those other people are suffering. Most of the time the vice has nothing to do with the product. Violence and greed and envy and porn don't have to be used to sell a product.

And didn't this place have a series of points or something? I've been gone for a while so what happened to them?

I agree with you. Also, the magic pancake is a cute way of telling the old "all you can eat" story, it neatly avoids the "this is why you're fat" angle.

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