Ikea "Choose color" (2014) :50 (Belgium)


Ikea "Choose color" (2014) :50 (Belgium)

Ikea introduces color to a very grey Belgium for its new spring collection. from far away the ads look like monochromatic color. Only up close do you see the outline of the furniture.


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Advertiser: IKEA
Clients: Peter Jongert; Christine Van den Winckel
Campaign: IKEA Spring Colours
Concept Agency: DDB Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creative Team: Tim Arts – Stefan Van Den Boogaard
Account Team: Francis Lippens – Kaat De Brandt – Astrid De Paep
Strategic team: Dominique Poncin – Maarten Van Daele
Design: Andreea Buescu
DTP: Coraline Barbe – Gaetane Goethals
Media agency: Initiative Media


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