Ikea - Method / Spinning Kitchen - (2014) :60 (UK)


Ikea - Method / Spinning Kitchen - (2014) :60 (UK)

The hardest thing to direct are children and animals, but honestly in this mesmerizing spinning kitchen you needn't ask the baby to smile, he thinks he's on a merry-go round. Squee! How fun, how hypnotic, hang on did "Dad" just take a salad from the oven? An exciting way to show off the kitchen parts of "Method" while making a point, you can build your kitchen any way you want. If it doesn't work for everyone, it doesn't work for anyone.

Ad agency: Mother, London
Director: Keith Schofield
Music: This Head I Hold - Electric Guest



i love this ad and I'm dying with curiosity to know how it was done...any making off available anywhere?

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