No one wants to leave the house because Ikea's made it feel like home. What a chill taxi driver, too. I'd have been like "I'm leaving the meter running, y'all."

Client: Ikea Finland Marketing Communications and Media Manager: Mia Boström Country Interior Design Leader: Riikka Härkönen Agency: N2 Helsinki Client Director: Reeta Hietalahti Copywriter: Pertti Pällijeff AD: Jenni Juntunen Project Manager: Riitta Aunio Production Company: Directors Guild Helsinki Director: Pete Riski Executive Producer: Ville Varesvuo Producer: Juha-Matti Nieminen DOP: Mark Stubbs Editor: Eve Ashwell at The Assembly Rooms Music: Juri Seppä at Humina Color Grading: Henri Pulla at Pullapost Post-Production: Talvi Digital