Illinois Lottery - Cash For Life - 2011: USA


Illinois Lottery - Cash For Life - 2011: USA

The Cash for Life suite of games includes three ticket levels: a winning one dollar ticket earns $500 weekly, a two dollar ticket earns $1,000 weekly, and a five dollar ticket earns $2,500 weekly, for the life of the winner. As the tagline states, “The longer you live, the more you get”, and that means taking extra precautions to maximize winnings.

Executive Creative Director: Dan Fietsam
Creative Director: Grant Tennison, Jonathan Linder
Art Director: Aaron Pendleton
Writer: Miller Jones
Planner: Susan Pitt, Eddie Revis
Account Supervisor: Melissa Slonski
Account Director: Nicole Torrillo
Photographer: Taylor Castle
Retoucher: Doug Stanley
Agency Producer: Kent Smith
Executive Producer: Phillip Detchmendy
Line Producer: Janice Biggs
Director of Photography: Barry Parrell
Production House: The Sweet Shop
Director: Peter Martin
Editing House: The Whitehouse
Editor: Carlos Lowenstein
Editor’s Assistant: Lars Makie
Transfer: Filmworkers Club (Michael Mazur)
Music Company: Spank Music
Music Director’s Name: Gary Sound


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