Give joy to the neighbor who rocks out quietly after ten. Conceived by Energy BBDO and directed by Aaron Ruell

The campaign encourages people to “Joy Someone” by giving special holiday scratch-off tickets to the unsung heroes in their lives. Central to the campaign is an unexpected retro version of the holiday classic “Joy To the World” arranged by Spank Music.
The track features insightfully humorous new lyrics that celebrate people like “…the guy who took away your futon,” “…the pizza guy who pre-blots your pizza” and “…the lady who made you a giant cat tower.” Ruell’s distinctive visual style brings an unexpected combination of humor and nobility to these people.

CLIENT: Illinoisl Lottery BRAND: Holiday Promotion PRODUCING AGENCY: Energy BBDO SPOT TITLE(S): "Joy Someone" US, "Joy Someone" Hispanic CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER: Dan Fietsam AGENCY HEAD OF PRODUCTION Brigette Whisnant EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Pam Pietrowski CREATIVE GROUP HEAD(S) Grant Tennison COPYWRITER: Jonathan Ozer ART DIRECTOR: Isabela Ferreira PRODUCTION COMPANY Biscuit Films DIRECTOR Aaron Ruell MUSIC HOUSE: Spank Music EDIT HOUSE: Whitehouse EDITOR: Matthew Woods VO TALENT: Jay Marks

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