Ilta-Sanomat - THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE - (2009) :30 (FINLAND)

THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE Client: Ilta-Sanomat Agency: hasan & partners, Finland Art Director : Mikael Nemeschansky Copywriter: Anssi Järvinen Creative Director: Eka Ruola Director: Magnus Renfors / Hobbyfilm, Sweden Producer: Christian Rehnfors / Hobbyfilm, Sweden DOP: Kjell Lagerroos Set Designer: Wilda Wiholm Stylist; Anna Grenås Post Production: Stopp Vfx supervisor: Johan Boije Sound Designer: Edward Björner/ Stopp Music Supervisor: Macke Bergqvist/ Music Super Circus Composer: David Engellau
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Wow. When was the last time I saw something like this on US TV? This commercial looks like a short film.

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Agreed, very nicely art directed & directed, sets the mood perfectly.

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Thanks. Glad you like it. We like it too.

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The styling is great. The story is a bit strange though.