Imodium A-D - Spa (2002) - 0:30 (USA)


Imodium A-D - Spa (2002) - 0:30 (USA)




A woman goes to a spa, She gets her beauty mask on, and body mask on.. she gets rapped up with cucumbers on her eyes.. a workers says relax and get beautiful, she relaxs while soft music plays for a bit.. the woman gets this urges she has to go.. the cucumbers come off on her eyes with her face exsperasion knowing she has to rush to the toielt, she gets up and her feet step in the facial paint and she runs to the woman's washroom.. next time she should of took some imodium or she must of ate some food that gave her the runs..

How would she get the body wrap off once she got to the bathroom?

not sure, but her face made it look like she had bad diarrhea

or her drink might of been spiked with a powerful laxtitve for say sleeping with her best freind's man and her best friend gets her a day at the spa but not before puting turbo lax in her milkshake

I really want to see this ad! What happened to it?

this actually turns me on.

Like for her she was not on a hot date and there was a bathroom near by.. hopefully they had rolls of toilet paper, cause she would be in that bathroom spa for a few hours

She was lucky for the spa to have a bathroom, hopefully they had alot of toliet paper cause looks like she will be in thier for a few hours shitting her brain out.. poor hotty, maybe she was lactoaste and eat some cheese or some one put a super lax in her drink

I loved her face when her eyes grew wide, she must of had the real bad runs

You are a very very sad person. (FYI everyone else, all comments above are made by the same IP#)

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