"Many never came home...but their stories have."

To commemorate the First World War Centenary, Aardman Studios, Johnny Fearless and sound studio GCRS created this beautiful, poignant piece of animated film. The "quotes," represent the stoeis of soldiers who never made it home from the war front.

The sound design is nothing short of authentic. The Imperial War Museum opened up its WW1 archives, giving access to original speeches from soldiers, letters and even recordings of WW1 artillery and weapons.

To make the occasion, the Imperial War Museum London and the new First World War Galleries will reopen and launch the exhibit on July 19th. If this spot is anything to go by, it will be stunning.

Client: Penny Hamilton, Head of Brand and Marketing, Imperial War Museum Agency: Johnny Fearless Executive Creative Director: Paul Domenet Art Director: Pia Knight Copywriter: Paul Domenet Planner: Anne-Fay Townsend Account Director: Sarah Keates Agency Producer: Christian Lobo Production Company: Aardman Director: Darren Dubicki Producer: Helen Argo Post Production: Aardman/Big Buoy Sound Design: GCRS Sound Designer: Ben Leeves

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