This spot for the Institute National Du Cancer encourages people 50 or over to get a screening against colorectal cancer, because early detection means a greater likelihood of living. Also the earlier they detect it the more options they have for treatment including surgery instead of chemo. But knowing this is a, um, delicate subject, this spot turns the man driving in a car and running into a police road block as an analogy for early screening. Leave it to the French, always, to find a nice metaphor. No asses were involved at all. In fact this spot does one better by makign an homage to such film noir as Le Samouraï.

Production Company : HENRY Producer : Jean-Luc Bergeron, Jean Ozannat Director : Wilfrid Brimo Line Producer : Gaëlle Delaporte DOP : Daniel Voldheim Production Designer : David Bersanetti Agency : HAVAS Managing Director : Christophe Coffre TV Producer : Amandine Winter Art Director : Céline Pottier Copywriter: Mathieu D