In Injustice 2 you build and power up your favorite DC legends so they can fight fight fight! In this trailer you see Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Ironman and the like squaring off and growing armor CGI style while Bryan Cranston (I think, anyway) reads some Very Dramatic™ lines leading up to the main thought: Evolve or Die. I'm not a DC Fanboy so it doesn't do much for me in terms of making me want to pick up the game, but the claustrophobic direction is pretty sweet. I do wish they would have turned the lights up on the dimmer just a hair. Watching it in the morning light makes it seem a little too murky.

njustice II Credits Client: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment President - David Haddad Vice President, Global Marketing Core Games - Matthew Geyer Director, Global Brand Marketing - Craig Mitchell Brand Manager - Minh Tran Associate Brand Manager - Jeffrey Hong Agency: Battery Chief Creative Officer - Philip Khosid Chief Executive Officer - Anson Sowby Creative Director - Raymond Hwang Creative Director/Art Director - Bernie O’Dowd Copywriter - Raymond Hwang Director of Strategy - Philip Ser Executive Producer - Judy Gotten Associate Producer - Mackenzie Busch CG - Plastic Wax, Dane Maddams, Mick Hammell, Nathan Maddams Sound - Beacon Street Studios: Rommel Molina, Erin Reilly, Christa Jayne Music - South Music & Sound Design: Ann Haugen & Sean Simmons

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