Nothing beats winning at home is the takeaway from this inspiring spot from the Instituto Ayrton Senna. If you're not familiar, Senna was one of the greatest F1 drivers ever, whose life was sadly cut short in a horrible crash. This story recounts in Senna's own words one of his most difficult races he ever won in 1991.

Even cooler, they are distributing the story through an augmented reality app attached to a charm bracelet that is being distributed to the Brazilian delegation with 32,000 more bracelets now in production. "Our goal was to show athletes the excitement and pride that Ayrton Senna always had about being Brazilian and competing for something for his country," says Gustavo Soares, Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson. He says that in addition to the values that motivated Senna, printed on the inside of the bracelet, the charm carries the driver's unique message, that only after the eighth attempt was he able to realize his dream of winning at home. "What ended up being his most epic win," he adds.

It's a great way of linking one sport with multiple sports. Also the animation looks pretty sweet, too.

Client: Instituto Ayrton Senna Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brazil CCO: Ricardo John, Rodrigo Grau CSO: Fernand Alphen Head of Digital: Fábio Simões ECD: Humberto Fernandez Creative Director: Gustavo Soares Copywriter: Gustavo Soares, Rodrigo Rocha Art Director: Diego Vieira, Erico Braga, Pablo Lobo, Pedro Ricci. Account Team: Tom Corral, Alice Fairbanks Project Management: Kazuo Sugui Media: João Dabbur, Camila Bertoli, Andreia Kalvon, Andre Sanchez RTV Director/Artbuyer: Marcia Lacaze Digital Production: Maisa Delgado, Sergio Costa, Caroline Pivato Producer: Flavio Colella, João Ricardo App: Bolha Client Approval: Bianca Senna, Larissa Mrozowski Animation company: Le Cube Direction: Ralph Karam Executive production: Gustavo Karam and Juan Manuel Freire Production: Juliana Millán and Ana Sieglitz Writing: Ralph Karam, Nicolás Piccirilli Illustration: Juan Barabani and Mau Lencinas Audio producer: Cachorro Loco Animation direction: Daniel Duche Animation: Daniel Duche, Diego Polieri, Israel Giampietro, Fernando Toninello, Guadalupe Vyleta, Martín Lara, Mau Lencinas Clean up: Manuela Calderone, Yas Hanna, Juan Huarte, Guadalupe Vyleta Athletes Video Production Company: Vetor Zero Direction: Luiz Evandro, Coi Belluzzo Executive Producer: Vandreia Ribeiro Sound Production: A9 Maestro: Apollo 9