Last night this Toshiba&Intel branded film nabbed a One Show branded entertainment gold pencil, while it already has a silver in interactive, a bronze in social media, a silver in non-broadcast... And a few more assorted pencils like Gold for craft and silver for online.

In short, it's going to get a lion. You might as well bet on it at Ladbrokes.

In this branded entertainment user generated thingiemah-bob, a movie was made on a very intriguing idea.. A man wakes up every day as a different person. No, not inside, just outside. He's a tall lean black man, a shorter chunkier ginger bloke, a very old crooked gray lady, a young springy brunette... and so on. And then one day, he falls in love.

How do you have a relationship, when you are a different person every day?

This is where the viewers actually can get involved, they can play the poor character who changes, because s/he can literally look like anyone. How interesting! And it's all about what's inside, I'm sure Intel got so excited about this idea their silicone melted a little.

Picture your ice melting in your drinks in Cannes guys, because you're going there.

Now this is the sort of thing you need a proper press release for, when you want the trade press to take notice of your project as the campaign / interactive / user generated / branded entertainment experience thingie-mah-bob is active, you need a nice elevator pitch that explains the idea & what you're doing. You'd be surprised at how often we get emails with one link and nothing else. I'm a fellow creative, pitch me like you'd pitch your creative director, it ain't hard sweetie.

Once the campaign has run its course, you can edit together a spiffy little case study like this one, and we can all watch it.

Ad agency: Pereira O'dell, San Francisco Art Director: Chaz Whitworth Copywriter: Neil Ramanan

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    Just trying to watch the ads.

    Aug 10, 2013

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