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    Check out Ellen Dudar's 5 reasons consumers won't tune in to Google TV

    Consumers want their TVs to do more, but only if it's easy, relevant to the viewing experience and provides real consumer benefits. A new innovation must be much better than what it replaces to catch on, and this type of disjointed, complex solution falls short. We already have devices to surf the web. What people want are simple apps to display their personalized stock quotes at the bottom of the screen while watching CNBC, check their fantasy football player stats while taking in the NFL game and vote for their favorite "American Idol" contestant on Fox. And they'd even like to push a remote button while watching a commercial to get more information. That kind of interactivity requires an integrated solution from traditional TV ecosystem players: cable companies, set-top box experts, television programmers and advertisers. Absent significant changes, Google's plans leave them out of this loop and destined to step on the landmines of the past.

    May 25, 2010

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