Ipren-man: - "Now they are here, my greatest hits, works on all temporary pain and fever."

Boy-band sings : You can lower my fever when I have a cold. You have fever reducing abilities.

Hard Rock Band sings: Muscle pain, back pain and joint pain you relieve, and anti-inflammation properties contribute.....

Country girl sings : toothaches and menstrual cramps, you relieve my pain.

Troubadour sings : "When I have a headache you can relieve it....

Ipren-man: - "And the classic.."

Dance band sings: Muscle pain - You relieve mine - Headache - You relieve mine - ...

Ipren-man: -"All of this in an elegant box-set!"

Dance band sings : You relieve it! Bye-Bye - Hejdå - Auf Wiedersen.

This ad won a Silver "Golden Egg" at the Swedish advertising awards "guldägget" 2003.


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