This spot for the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) uses a speech from JFK (who spoke to Ireland in 1963) to remind Ireland they have the power to power themselves. Currently this isn't the case.Ireland only produces 15% of its energy and imports the other 85%. Quietly powerful.

Client Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) Agency Rothco Agency Producer Al Byrnes, Jessica Derby Art Director Jonathon Cullen Copywriter Connor O’Hare Finished Art Mickey Hughes, Gerry Cole Account Director Aedamair Cassidy Strategy Emer Howard, Brona Kilkelly Digital Strategy Emer Fitzgerald Photography Producer Paddy Daly Director/Photographer Alex Telfer Photography Retoucher Simon Williams Music Emmett Cooke Post Production Windmill Lane Producer Jennifer Connolly Post Production Supervisor Ian Jacobs Editor Lee Hickey Sound Mutiny Web Design & Development Sarah Farrant, Sean Crawford

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