Since we're already banned by AdSense, I might as well post some music videos (and yes, I'm going to milk this all week, Google are überannoying to deal with y'all.) Here's J-Lo, the MILF in leopard spotted leggings doing her best cougar as teacher dance-routine to her new song that is a bit "my hump" and a bit PussyCat dolls "Don't cha" with some autotuner thrown in for good measure. Director Alex Moors and Nice Shoes handled all the color grading and VFX, while VFX Artist Rich Schreck led the beauty retouching team, and Colorist Gene Curley handled color grading making J-Lo come out looking really good.

"Alex originally wanted kind of a Hi-Con feel, with deep dark blacks and slightly blown-out highlights," Curly noted. "So we let the chroma bloom a bit since the sets and wardrobe were so colorful, and raised the highlights on her skin to give it more of the Hi Con feel. Moors has a tremendous sense of how to plan production for efficient post - we knocked the color grading out in five or six hours, because everything had been set up so perfectly."
In the VFX realm, Schreck smoothed out the overall footage. "Because JLo was in such great shape, her ribs and collarbone became accentuated when the light passed across, so we softened that some," he said. "Otherwise, it was mostly a matter of evening out and softening skin tones. The biggest challenge, really, was having consistency among six artists while turning out 80 shots in three days."

Production Company: Hello! Editor/Director: Alex Moors Executive Producer: Sheira Rees-Davies Producer: Paul Laurens Color Grading: Nice Shoes Colorist: Gene Curley VFX: Nice Shoes Conform/Beauty Retouching: John Shea Beauty Retouching: Rich Schreck, Jason Farber Producer: Haydee Cepin Read more:

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    While I wait for the stream to write 100% I'll just offer one bit of advice to anybody who thinks autotune sounds cool -- get new a hearing processor for your brain.

    Since I fell into a 80s neutron star's gravity well of music video i'll say the first thought I had on this video was, "Somebody is channeling Ron Harris.". Google --> aerobicise 1982

    That is all.

    Mar 17, 2011

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