Fourth of July - time for fireworks, barbeques, and patriotic advertising. The latter is exactly what audioEngine helped deliver for Jack Daniel's, in a powerful spot directed by Prettybird's Max Malkin via Arnold. With mixer Rex Recker leading a team that included producer Jessie Meade and EP Sharon DiTullio-Tepper, audioEngine struck the perfect holiday note.

As American As is a steady march through the great inventions of American ingenuity: the jukebox, motorcycle, television, blue jeans, automobile, motorcycle, radio, telephone and more, on through history, until a sturdy bottle of Jack Daniel's is slammed on a table, as American as anything else we've seen. As these images flash past on the screen, Recker perfectly blends a narrator's voiceover with the sounds of Gary Clark Jr.'s Bright Lights, plus the very delicate and subtle use of sound effects.

audioEngine has teamed up with Arnold many times before, most recently on the upbeat Let's Make Excellent Happen spot for New Balance. "Arnold EP Billy Near and I have worked together for a long time," noted Recker. "He's a big fan of audioEngine and we're always happy to take his calls when a new project comes along. That sort of familiarity is invaluable in a project like this, in which we're dealing with a very quick turnaround."

A last-minute revision to the project showed off audioEngine's dexterity and adaptability. "Because of copyright issues, we couldn't use a four-second play-by-play clip of a Yankees game," Recker recalled. "I had to quickly grab generic baseball play-by-play from my sound effects collection, mix in some baseball crowd SFX, filter it, and make it sound as though it were coming from a small radio. Thanks to the fast-moving crew here at audioEngine, it worked perfectly."

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Client: Jack Daniel's
Spots Title: As American As
Air Date: July 2011

Agency: Arnold
CCO: Pete Favat
GCD: Wade Devers
Art Director: Travis Robertson
Copywriter: Bryan Karr
Producer: William Near, Ben Ouellette

Prod Company: Prettybird
Director: Max Malkin
EP(s): Kerstin Emhoff & Ali Brown

Editorial: Lost Planet
Editor: Max Koepke
Producer: Krystn Wagenberg

Telecine: CO3
Colorist: Tom Poole

Audio Post: audioEngine
Mixer: Rex Recker
Producer:Jessie Meade
Executive Producer: Sharon DiTullio-Tepper

Music: Gary Clark Jr.
Composer: Gary Clark Jr. "Bright Lights"

Sound Design: Lost Planet
Sound Designer: Max Koepke

Shoot Location:. Los Angeles

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