This is Lynchburg, Tennessee. There are some amazing people who live there. I love how much it celebrates the town and not the drink. "If you can't get here, just look for one of our postcards. We send them all over. They look like this." Is a great way to showcase the product. Love it. So simple, so fun. Now if only they had done some content pieces around the people they introduced. I want to hear about the sheriff who keeps the ocunty dry and the guy who can lift the 500 pound barrel and the dude from Germany and the woman from Taiwan. All of them. They're amazing.

Client: Brown-Forman / Jack Daniel's
Mark McCallum - Executive Vice President, and President, Jack Daniel's Brands
Philip Epps - VP, Global Brand Director - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Global Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott
Managing Partner ECD: Wade Devers
Art Director: Chris Valencius
Copywriters: Jonathan Graham and Greg Farley
SVP Broadcast Producer: William Near
Assistant Broadcast Producer: Alissa Feldbau
Managing Director: Paul Nelson
Senior Marketing Manager: Mallory Brannan
VP, Brand Strategy Director: Vaughn Allen
Senior Brand Strategist: Ellis Reavy
EVP Director of Business Affairs: Anne Joynt

Production Company: Radical Media LLC
Director: Steve Miller
Executive Producer: Gregg Carlesimo
Producer: Laura Heflin
Head of Production: Frank Dituri

Editorial Company / VFX: Lost Planet & Black Hole
Editor(s): Hank Corwin & Charlie Johnston
Executive Producer: Krystn Wagenberg
Producer: Casey Cayko
Sound: Sound Lounge NYC
Engineer: Tom Jucarone

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