Diamant brings its instrumental values to real life. In a jacuzzi.

How can you spark a conversation and more important maintain the interest of your target audience in a low interest category like frying fats? That is really a hard to answer question. Market leader Diamant challenged Fitzroy Amsterdam to find a solution.

It all starts with a platform. A platform that has substance and depth, one where relevant as well as fun content can be shared. Like most brands Diamant doesn’t have a natural platform, so it was time to create one. The inspiration came from Diamant’s real essence: the product characteristics of Diamant frying fats: a crispy exterior and a soft interior... of any snack.

These two instrumental benefits were brought to life and obtained emotional values. Our 2 brand mascots, Soft & Crispy were born. They play the main role on television in which the bubbling frying pan became Soft & Crispy’s private Jacuzzi.

Promotions aimed at households that value and enjoy their family dinners were part of the assignment. So Soft & Crispy challenge the audience (by their own profile pages on Facebook) to share their favorite and most outrages deep frying recipe on the website of Diamant. The best recipes are tried, documented and shared on Friday: "Thank Diamant. It's Fry-day". That's how a Snickers Bar ended up in the frying pan.

This high profile strategic execution in a low involvement category will become visible in the upcoming months.

Agency: Fitzroy Amsterdam Client: Vandemoortele Product: Diamant Creative Director: Jur Baart Creatives: Gert van der Kaay, Youri van Overdijk, Merlijn van Vliet, Wouter Vanhaeren, Roen Roomberg, Jur Baart Producer: Joris Knetsch Production + Post production company: Glassworks Amsterdam Director: Morten Vinther Producer: Jony van Hees Animation director: Dan Hope 3D artists: Dan Hope & Thomas Hinke Flame lead: Morten Vinther Grading: Scott Harris Post production producer: Jane Bakx Editor: Will Judge Music: The Sound Works Composer: Craig Brown Sound: Kaiser Sound Studio's Sound technician: Marco Baay

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