Jalna - A little pot of purity - (2009) :30 (Australia)


Jalna - A little pot of purity - (2009) :30 (Australia)

Hummingbirds flying around with jars of yoghurt to explain that nothing artificial ends up in Jalna. Spot the fine art reference.

Client: Jalna
Agency: In our time
Production Company: Cain and Able, fin
Director : Grant Booker
Andrei Juradowitch, Maxence Peillon (Designer)
Elliot Wheeler, Barry Stewart (Music + Sound Production)
Grant Booker (Creative Director)
Grant Booker, Christine Issaacs. (Creative)
Amanda Cain (Producer)
Anya Kruzmetra (Producer)
Executive Producer: Emma Daines
Compositing: Maxence Peillon, Christophe Allender
3D and VFX Supervisor: Stuart White
3D Team: Tom Corbett, Tim Streets, Philip Jackson, and Philip Sloggett
Online: Luis Lu


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