Last week, Salon/AP posted news that US department store giant JCPenney voluntarily pulled one of their back-to-school ads due to multiple complaints of its illicit, provocative and sinful nature.

Well, Adland now has the clip under fire. Now, I understand parents wanting to protect their daughters from becoming sexual objects in the eyes of lustful teen boys (and lustful men, etc.), but c'mon! It's a joke! A gag! A twist played to humorous effect! Tastefully done! No naughty bits are exposed! Ach. Just click on the 'read more" below and judge for yourself.

Well, people? Are you offended, or did the morality police getting carried away once again? Comment!

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    There is nothing more provocaive about this ad than the underwear print and catalog ads of years ago. The ads and packages for pantyhose showed nice bare bottoms and stocking feet in pantyhose to show how soft and comfy they looked and felt. Anyone who wears them, myself included, would agree. That's truth in advertising.

    Sep 11, 2003

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