Jeep Grand Cherokee


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Is it me, or does this Jeep commercial remind you of the classic Volkswagen commercial from the '60s?

Superadrunts, click read more to see if the meek or the Jeep will inherit the earth!



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Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hehehehehe - well the funeral setting is spot on the same - his joy over the uninhabitable swamp-land is the new twist. cute.

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Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee

hmmm, now that you mention it.

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Re: Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Nice twist indeed, but WHY the "terrible!" comments from his sister and brother and WHY WHY! the "yeeehaw" from him and WHY! WHY! WHY! all that car driving around in the swamp.

I would have loves it if he had just clenched his fist and muttered a quit "yes!" like he had hoped to inherit the swamp and the a cut to the logo. Then I would have imagined him/me driving around there inside my head. Good idea, ruined in bad execution.


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