When you daydream about conquests you'll never have, the no nonsense guy daydreams about ladies within reach. Just don't ever tell your significant other. The F-for-free card only ever applies to Hollywood stars or musicians, as you know that'll never happen. uncomfortable.....

ACTOR, writer and comedian Peter Kay reprised his role as John Smith’s No Nonsense man for the first time in five years yesterday (Sunday 2nd May).
Kay, who was the star of John Smith’s hugely-successful No Nonsense TV ad campaign from 2002 to 2005, is back to bring a smile to the face of Britain in the first of three new ads.
John Smith’s, Britain’s best-selling ale brand, has created three new scenarios featuring Kay at the helm, with the first Diner, re-uniting the Bolton funnyman with his TV ‘wife’ on a pleasant evening out with friends – until his plain-speaking honesty brings a playful conversation about his ‘dream date’ to an amusing and unexpected conclusion.
His ‘wife’ – actress Alison Darling, who played alongside Peter Kay in one of the first ads, Monsters, also set in a restaurant – teases Kay about who his ideal fantasy woman would be, offering him Kelly Brook ‘on a plate’ and then Tess Daly. Kay insists there’s only ‘one lady’ in his life until his wife says ‘I won’t get upset, it’s only a game’. At this point, No Nonsense man relents and admits his soft spot for ‘Claire, from work’. Silence falls on the party as Kay’s mind wanders.
The ad aired during the kick off break before yesterday’s crucial Premier League clash between Liverpool and Chelsea at 1.30pm on Sky Sports 1 and will run for 6 weeks.

Director: Danny Kleinman Prod Comp:  Rattling Stick Creative Director:  Al Young Creative Teams:  Gabriel Miller & Marcello Bernardi , Craig Ainsley & Fernando Perottoni Producer:  Jason Ayers Planner:  David Fryman Acc Hand:  Simon Alexander

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