As a smartly dressed man walks through iconic South African landmarks like Ellis Park and Vilakazi Street, memories, achievements and ghosts of yesteryear, appear as a reminder to the nation of the times the country has made the world sit up and take notice in the past. Some of these places may not ring a bell to non South Africans, but we can still appreciate the look created by Kim who worked with BlackGinger and DOP Paul Gilpin to do this. To create images that had a photographic long exposure field, they shot multiple passes of the same thing at a very high frame rate. This allowed BlackGinger to fade up and reduce the opacity of each and every person, while the strider remains solid throughout the ad.

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Job: Johnnie Walker Title: ‘Strider’ Client: Brandhouse Agency: King James City & Country: Cape Town, South Africa Agency Producer: Caz Friedman Executive Creative Director: Matt Ross Creative Director: Michael Wilson Art director: Cameron Watson Director: Kim Geldenhuys Production Co & City: Egg Films, Johannesburg Producer: Rozanne Rocha-Gray Director of Photography: Paul Gilpin Post Production & City : Black Ginger, Cape Town Editor & Company: Kobus Loots, Upstairs Music & Music Publisher: Composed by : Nicholas Wright at MadPlanet Air Date: 23 April 2013

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