Johnson and Johnson "Distinctly Dad." (2014) 5:50 (USA)


Johnson and Johnson "Distinctly Dad." (2014) 5:50 (USA)

If Mothers have the toughest job, then Fathers Don't Know How Important They Are. And since Father's Day is coming up, it's important to tell them that. As opposed to other times of the year when you can't sell them shit. Color me cynical.
Anywho, this Johnson and Johnson-branded documentary follows three fathers from all walks of life who impact their kids' lives so that by the end of it, they have hopefully realized just how important they are. It's a well-shot documentary.

Still. You'd think this notion would be painfully obvious, since it's 2014, not 1954. But still, there are fathers out there who don't know their worth, or worse, still cling to society's backward view that their sole worth is the bringing-home-the-bacon function, as opposed to the go-to-after-school-tennis-lessons function.

And while I was going to say how amazed I am that we even need to have a documentary to explain this, I realized this is an ad, and most people in advertising work to the point of neglecting their families, on a near-constant basis. So it actually makes a lot of sense that this would seem like a new concept. Because for a lot of people in advertising it is a new concept. What's even worse is that the same people giving up their nights and weekends and neglecting their family for ads that usually don't get produced let alone presented, are the same people bragging about how much they work, like it's some sort of badge of honor.

For the fathers who participated in this documentary, I hope they learned something. And for the fathers (and mothers for that matter) who stupidly gave up your nights and weekends to make this and other ads, when you could have been with your kids?
Well, at least you get points for irony.