Chav walks in to off license. Chav shoplifts JuiceBurst. Chav gets vaporized by JuiceBurst.
Because JuiceBurst is good, and honest. But it's not afraid to operate above the law. And it does it alone, see? No partners. JuiceBurst doesn't want any partners.

Except in the sequel, where JuiceBurst reluctantly gets paired up (on the insistence of his superiors) with a wise cracking diet cola, who teaches him to let his hair down every once and a while, and shows him the value of tolerance until the big boss kidnaps the diet cola and he is forced to save it and the world using brute strength and violence.

Client: JuiceBurst/Purity Soft Drinks Agency: Williams Murray Hamm Creative Director: Garrick Hamm Writer: Garrick Hamm Director: Garrick Hamm