K-Y Intense / Johnson & Johnson - Reserved Couple Mr & Mrs Mark - (2009) :30 (USA)

Agency: Mother, New York

Production Company: O Positive, New York
Director : David Shane
DoP : Manuel Ruiz

Linus Karlsson, Paul Malmström : Creative Director
Bill Moulton, Christine Santora : Art Director
Bobby Hershfield, Jon Lancaric : Copywriter
Emma Starzacher : Agency Producer
Strategist: Durk Barnhill
Mother: Alex Stankiewicz
Line Producer: Marc Grill
Editing Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Producer: Melissa Miller
Post-Production Co: Mackenzie Cutler
Telecine: Fergus McCall @ The Mill
Music Co.: APM
Audio: Mackenzie Cutler

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I saw this on my local TV, and I swear that before she begins her last statement (which ends during the geyser), he quietly says "she's a screamer". ?

Additional Note (4/25/2009): I've recently seen this again, and he comments 3 times not including his comments in this version. There isn't as much silence in the version I've seen. She has one or two other lines, and he says something quick that I can't remember (about socks?), then he says, "She's a screamer". . After she says something else, he says "She's loud" , then she says one more line, and finally, the geyser geyses (followed by the end scene).