Kalles Kaviar - Egg timer app / Äggkokar-app - (2010) (Sweden)


Kalles Kaviar - Egg timer app / Äggkokar-app - (2010) (Sweden)

As I explained in the post about what is Swedish on our national day, what is really Swedish is to eat crisp-bread with fish roe spread. It's our peanut-butter & jelly, or marmite on toast if you will. To make it eggstra (see what I did there? I should be punished for that.) yummy, we'll put the fish egg paste on slices of hardboiled eggs. This is where the beloved brand of fish roe paste called Kalles Kaviar comes to the rescue with a handy hard-boiled egg app. Set the egg-timer and the app will make you a perfect playlist for the perfect egg. 'Cuz that's another very Swedish thing, we're so bleedin' edge all the time we no longer use mechanical egg-timers. True story.

Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky Europe
Client: Kalles
Executive Creative Director: Gustav Martner
Art Director: Martin Jon Adolfsson
Copywriter: Niklas Moberg
Content Manager: Alexandra Moberg
Interactive Producer: Mikael Lindkvist
Visual Designer: Malin Ekman
Senior Designer: Daniel Kvist
Technical Director: Per Rundgren
Production Company: Adore You


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