Kapal Api coffee - Fight - 0:20 (2004) (Malaysia)


Kapal Api coffee - Fight - 0:20 (2004) (Malaysia)

How to sell coffee in Malaysia. Make the USP very clear.

Agency: Lowe & Partners Malaysia



Ah. As every morning at the deep.ed residence...

Simple and unexpected and a pun. Lion material.

Nice approach... but isn't a cup of a 'strong' coffee should keep people awake rather than faint... :(

Faint!? She knocked him out with it. It packs a punch in other words.

I'm planning to bottle it in easy to carry self-defense cans. ;)

The argument they are having isn't needed for me to still 'get it', I'm just curious to what they are saying. Anyone here able to translate it? Pretty please?

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