The band Kent, who have a huge fanbase both in and outside of Sweden have managed a nice PR steal simply by announcing their last album and their last tour. This is the announcement: they quite literally "drum up the hype" with a a skull-painted drummer girl wandering through the winter wonderland of Stockholm's dark days. She's joined by other drummers, flag bearing revolutionists and men in white. There's visual references to prior album art, whiter tigers, wild wolves and horses. The drummer girl stops only to let the super announce "The last album", and "The last tour". The album "Då Som Nu För Alltid" (Then as now, for ever) will be the last one the band Kent puts together as they're now retiring this band. This video, directed by Adam Berg, was released two days ago and made the national news yesterday as hype in Sweden reached a fever pitch. Many fans are simultaneously excited and sad. Expect plans being made around the concert dates. I can already picture someone suggesting they move their wedding to another date.

Production company: INDIO Director: Adam Berg DoP: Mattias Montero Producer: Simon Hernadi Producer: Marcus Nybladh Co-ordinator: Kim Jansson Set design: Fritjof Granström Make & hair: Madeleine Gaterud Stylist: Linn Eklund Editor: Ross Hallard/Trim Telecine: Mark Gethin/MPC VFX: MPC London