Hungry man comes out with a spot full of hungry men (and one lady) who like to stuff their faces with chicken while they watch football. They call this #Couchgating - "look it up" - except don't, because they are trying way to hard to make this nonsensical hashtagged word a football thing. Gameday buckets and couchgating tweets aren't that exciting. If couchgating were similar to tailgating, there's be people sitting in each others laps, and that could get exciting, at least.

Meanwhile, man in red sweater seems to be sitting next to lady-who-must-get-up-every-time-he-speaks-to-camera. Maybe he has really bad breath.

Production Company-Hungry Man Kevin Byrne-EP Scott Vincent, Director Caleb Dewart-Producer Nigel Blunk-DP Editorial-Hagon Christina Matracia-EP Alex Hagon-Editor Finish-Optimus Katie Smith-Producer Ed Nichols-On-line editor Color-Company 3 Rhubie Jovanov-EP Stefan Sonnenfeld-Colorist Audio-Another Country Tim Konn-EP John Binder-Engineer

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