Kia Forte - "Pioneers" directed by Tarsem - (2009) :60 (USA)

Asylum, in collaboration with's Tarsem create a memorable :60 via David & Goliath for the new Kia Forte.

Basking in its own spotlight, the Kia Forte sits on a soundstage flanked by giant screens. From these screens historic images of man's first space walk, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the mass production of the first gasoline engine play out. Soon these scenes take on a life of their own, moving beyond the screen and blending seamlessly onto the soundstage, courtesy of the inventive team at Asylum.

The message is clear. Kia may not be the first car company to offer class-leading horsepower, fuel efficiency, advanced technology, innovative safety equipment and attention to detail, but they are the first to offer it all, standard, in one incredibly affordable model: the stylish Forte.

"The greatest challenge with this spot was how to handle such massive screens while still turning the project around on deadline," noted Asylum VFX Supervisor/Lead Inferno Artist Rob Moggach. "Our team improvised and composed the CG screens and their footage during post and integrated it with the live-action footage to make it appear as if it were projected on the screens. This way they were able to change composition, content and the overall aesthetic."

Client: Kia Motors America, Inc. Spots Title: Kia Forte "Pioneers" Air Date: July 2009 Agency: David & Goliath Chairman, Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo ECD: Colin Jeffery ACD: David Cuccinello Art Director: Adam Nelson Copywriter: Tim White Senior Producer: Paul Albanese Prod Company: Director: Tarsem EP(s): Frank Scherma, Tommy Turtle Head of Production: Cathy Dunn Editorial: Whitehouse LA Editor: Ben Stephens Assistant Editor: Page Marsella Producer: Justin Kumpata Post/Effects: Asylum Lead VFX/Inferno Artist: Rob Moggach EP: Michael Pardee Producer: Ryan Meredith Bidding Producer: Michael Hanley CG Producer: Jeff Werner CG Supervisor: Jens Zalzala Coordinator: Emily Hoovler Inferno(s): Miles Essmiller, Jonathan Hicks 3D Modeler: Greg Stuhl On Set Tracker: Eddie Offermann Lead Lighter: Yurichiro Yamashita 3D Texture: John Hart
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