"People go Pupule for King's Hawaiian." I'm not 100% positive, but I think Pupule means "crazy" as in "inhale sweet dinner rolls like you're part Electrolux."

As far as the spot goes, which is the first from new agency of record Energy BBDO, it's very conventional, but also very weird. The execution (famiyl sits around dinner table, cant resist the food) is something we've seen a million times. But the sound design, the very strange acting from the Dad character and pretty much everyone else, brings a certain refreshing oddness to the whole thing that redeems it in my opinion.

Apparently Kings Hawaiian has a product placement in an upcoming movie Chef, and they brought over a food truck to SXSW with all the geeks to sample, so Kings Hawaiian gets some credit for realizing it's 2014. A lot of clients with bigger ad budgets who advertise regularly don't seem to understand that.

Client: King’s Hawaiian VP Marketing: Erick Dickens Director of Brand Management: Chad Donvito Advertising Agency: Energy BBDO EVP Client Service: Director Stacie Boney VP, Account Director: David Pollard EVP, Head of Integrated Production: Rowley Samuel Senior Producer: Patty Phassos Chief Creative Officer: Dan Fietsam SVP Group Creative Director: Rick Hamann VP, Creative Director/Art Director: Amy Ditchman Senior Integrated Business Affairs Manager: Zoe Grubbe Production Company: ANONYMOUS Content (California) Director :Brian Billow Executive Producer: Eric Stern Executive Producer: SueEllen Clair in Charge of Production: Producer Mark Hall Production Company: South Pictures (Chile) Executive Producer: Maria Paz Zedán Executive Producer: Ryan Wagner Line Producer: Veronica Figueroa Editorial: Beast (Chicago) Editor: John Dingfield Producer: Kendall Fash Color Correct/Film Transfer: Company3 (New York) Colorist: Tim Masek Audio: Audio Producers Group (Chicago) Producer/Partner: Mindy Verson Producer/Partner: David Kaplan Sound Engineer: Peter Erazmus

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