Instead of a Pea Soup Puking girl, a boy who has lost his musical way, and is listening to the Brazilian equivalent to Justin Bieber, is saved by a Neil Youngish priest who performs an "endocism" on him. That's the opposite of an exorcism, don't you know. He's not trying to make a bad demon leave. He's trying to make the spirit of rock and roll enter this poor musically challenged body.

I.E. Stop listening to shit and listen to RAWK.

Cute stuff.

Fun fact: This was filmed in an abandoned and filthy warehouse in the East part of Sao Paulo. No adjustments necessary to make it look this bad.
Kind of says a lot about Sao Paulo's buildings.

Agency: Almap BBDO Advertiser: Kiss FM Title: Endorcism Product: Kiss FM General Creative Director: Luiz Sanches Creative Director: Andre Kassu and Marcos Medeiros Art Director: Benjamin Yung Jr Copywriters: Marcelo Nogueira and Sophie Schoenburg Producing company: Stink Executive producer: Fernanda Curi and Cecilia Salgueiro Directors: Jones and Tino Photographer: Carlos Ritter Art direction: Vicente Saldanha Editor: Jones + Tino and Danilo Abraham Final Art: ClanVFX Audio producing company: Satélite Áudio Producer/Maestro: Equipe Satélite Account: Fernanda Costa and Marina Castilho Cast: Eduardo Penney Guitar man: Dancing Man: Bruno Giganti Voice over: Michael Hayes RTV: Vera Jacinto, Rafael Motta, Elisa Mello and Diego Villas Boas Account: Ricardo Taunay, Italo Neto and José Maria Fafe Media: Juliana Melo, Carolina Pimentel Approval: Taís Abreu and Bárbara Conte

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