Paul McCartney was denied entry to a post-Grammys party because he wasn't recognized, and the episode was caught on film. He turned to one of his bandmates and jokingly said "We need another hit, guys." Kiss FM, wants to help him. They're asking Brazilians to call Kiss FM and all rock radio stations across Brazil to request a song from the 1986 album "Press to Play" called "Angry." Kiss FM stands for getting rock back to the top. Interesting idea. Not sure how many people will do it, since that particular album failed to chart in Brazil let alone the States. Maybe that's the point?

Agency: AlmapBBDO Client: Kiss FM Title #mccartneyhit CCO: Luiz Sanches Creative Director: Rynaldo Gondim Creative team: Rodrigo Almeida, Bruno Pereira and Rafael Gil